Cancer, The Crab

Ruled by the Moon, this sign has a cardinal quality and a water element. Those born below it are extremely emotional, empathetic, loyal, manipulative, insecure and moody. The third brightest star in the Cancer constellation is Acubens—also designated as Alpha Cancri. All in all, this Cancer constellation necklace created this hyperlink of gold vermeil offers superb value for any woman desiring to embrace their identity through astrological jewelry. By gifting…Read More

Void Of Course Moon Dates And Occasions

Although retrograde Mercury could prohibit you from producing complex calculations, merely changing your normal money habits will improve your financial predicament. If you have been considering about beginning your passion project, now is the time. But preserve in mind that practically nothing worthwhile comes very easily. Methuselah consists nearly completely of hydrogen and helium, with only trace amounts of heavy atoms, which indicates that the star is among the oldest…Read More